The GARDEN of SHATRICK mythologises the genesis story of SHATRICK in an intimate retelling of Shannon Tonkin and Patrick Zaia's unification.

In their latest reinvention of the work, the duo perform inside a womb-like structure, camouflaged by trails of knitted greenery. Visitors are enticed to enter by the warm, pinky glow and guttural sounds pulsing within.

Surrounded by embryonic hybrids the couple, naked and blindfolded, continuously sing into each other's mouths to create a singular vocal. The durational piece presents a reversal of the biblical creation story: Adam and Eve. Originally known as a tale of division, SHATRICK show an opposing myth where transcendence and conception stems from the malleable and mutating body of the hybrid.

Performance at TESTING GROUNDS, Melbourne [2018] Photographs by Chris Bowes

Performance at METRO ARTS, Brisbane [2017]
Photographs by Darren Thomas, PhotoCo