The Garden of Shatrick is the genesis story of Shannon Tonkin and Patrick Zaia fusing together to become Shatrick. In order to get to the main part of the installation, viewers first walk through a birth canal like entrance glowing with the Shatrick face. Pushing themselves through a slit, they are "born" into the Garden, coaxed by the vibrating ohms that echo throughout the space. Viewers enter a scene reminiscent of the biblical tale of Adam and Eve. Shatrick stand in a shallow pool, lips locked, chanting into each others mouths, their faces disguised by a pink cloth that emphasises their fusion with one another. Floating beside them is a large royal blue tent, it's lining painted with an epic retelling of Shatrick history, surrounded by fertile plants containing Shatrick's seed.


VOCALS [entire performance] 1:57:26