Parked in a garden inhabited by animate golden chairs with bulbous noses swelling from their backs is the CLUTCH truck. A long, narrow table protrudes from its walls draped in a crimson cloth. A lavish display of dinnerware is laid upon its surface. This adornment in fruitful fantasy guides the audiences eyes to its head. Sitting royally in a bowl-like extension of the table are Shatrick. Stomaches fusing and innards unveiled, the two stare lovingly into each others eyes while they feast on one another. A soulful melody sounds throughout the garden carrying their motions of devourance as audiences are invited to gorge on them.


GORGEus 2:07
We summon you to GORGEus

To sample our earthly bodies and transcend into the feast

You are hereby welcomed into the mixing pot of life, a stirring circle enhanced by the lores of love and inclusiveness

A feast for the five senses in the company of the fantastical...