I'm a SHATRICK says BABY was created as part of Boxcopy's accumulative project HOMEGROUND | Brisbane Artist Run Activity, Today and Tomorrow. Born in response to a sandpit sitting centrally in the space, our little knitted baby sprawls itself out on a towel stimulated by the hit T.V. show: 'I'm a SHATRICK'.

Knitted from the shredded curtains that once framed the screen at the premiere of the show, the 'Frankenstiny' baby, both heads LOL'd back, giggles profusely at it's entertainment. The faint track of the show can be heard only as your ears move closer to theirs, sharing the amplification that flows into them from the oversized headphones that engulf their tiny skulls.

Shown in WEEK 3 with The Laundry Artspace
Brisbane Artist Run Activity, Today and Tomorrow

Released by Boxcopy

HOMEGROUND addresses the local context of artist run culture in Brisbane. The gallery at Boxcopy will become a site for process-based and dialogic exchange between six local ARIs, emphasising collaborative and speculative methods of working. HOMEGROUND is an accumulative exhibition project, with each artist run initiative in residence at Boxcopy for one week in succession.



Looped Giggling 1:40